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Photo Gallery: FCFC Pastor & 1st Lady Photos
FCFC Pastor & 1st Lady Photos
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Pastor Smith & another 3rd Sunday Dedication
Viewed 773 times
3rd Sunday Awards Ceremony
Viewed 781 times
Faith Christian Fellowship Church
Viewed 820 times
1st Lady & ALMac Will
Viewed 1114 times
Pastor Kevin-M w/Elder Curtis-L & Rev. Horton-R
Viewed 1097 times
1st Lady w/Corinth her Prayer Pnr. & Armour Bearer
Viewed 1099 times
1st Lady of FCFC
Viewed 1130 times
Christian Mime
Viewed 811 times
Interpretive Dance
Viewed 786 times
Viewed 779 times
Knee Praise & Prayer at Faith Christian Fellowship
Viewed 772 times
Pastor Kevin and 1st Lady Janice Smith
Viewed 1198 times
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