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Prayer Request: Praise the lord I am Pastor.Hosanna From India( Your Beloved And Holy Spirit Gifted Brother In Christ )Please Pray For My Ministry & Come To See My Ministry

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Praise the lord I am Pastor.Hosanna From India( Your Beloved And Holy Spirit Gifted Brother In Christ )Please Pray For My Ministry & Come To See My Ministry (Jul 31, 2012)

Prayer Request:
CHRIST GLORY FIRE MINISTRIES-INDIA (Estd@2003, March 9th) (Pastor.B.Hosanna Was the Founder and Director For this Ministries.)I Greet You all in the matchless name of JESUS CHRIST! I am Pastor Hosanna Before i was a Gentile(Hindu Priest) Idol Worshiping leader and brought out out of the deep rooted ritualistic Family. as being in that bondage's i was caught by the Grace of God in 1997Aprial 9th He personally Visited me and Given His mighty Call UN to Preach In Kingdom Gospel to the nations. (Dearly beloved in Christ,I'm doing here. How about you there? How are you ? I'm a little busy with the ministry. I'm happy to inform you that I'm going to visit Jerusalem on the 10th of August,2012. Please pray for my travel. It is very expensive so please pray and help me as God guides you. I'm eagerly waiting for your reply. We are praying for you. your geving and support. If you want to Send support please Contact me to B.HOSANNA A/C NO, 21191000001440 HDFC BANK Please send my loving greetings to your family and all the brother and sisters with you in the ministry. Hope to hear from you soon.................................. Yours brother in his vineyard Pastor.B.Hosanna Please Read My Testimony ) Dear,I greetings to you in the matchless name of our lord and savior Christ Jesus.I am Pastor. Hosanna. I am doing the ministry from last 7 years based on the rural villages in India. I was born in a rich & Hindu priest’s family. My Family& my fore Fathers worshiped idols and followed Hindu rituals. We had A temple of lord Shiva (Idol) .I worked as a priest in that temple. My parents expected me to be a great Priest. I spent all my days in meditating Hindu scripts it’s all my world I don’t even knew the outer world any more when.I am at Seventeen Years old as I am wanted to go out and see all the surroundings I went out secretly I did so for the couple of days. I could able to get some friends. they shown me many places and one day they said that they are going to take me to a special place. The next day came they took me to a college grounds. there many people are worshipping Jesus then I have asked them “what is going on? They said these are Christian meetings.i dint agreed to go with them for I thought Christians are the low cast people and Jesus is the God for those low cast people and. I told my friends that my god Shiva is Greatest God and real God. And also we are having cores of gods for us. Therefore My friends Tasked to me to wait there for few minutes. They Ran to the meeting. I am hidden in a dark place which is half KM far/away to the Meeting. Because if any one found me there then it will be a big issue. My father will not tolerate that. By That time that man of God stood and [reaching about Jesus In his words he said “There is onlyOne God his name is Jesus. He is the real God.Hindu's gods are silverAnd gold.the work of men's hands.They have mouths, but they can’t speakthey have eyes but they can’t see.They have ears, but they can’thear. Noses have the .but they can’t smell.They have hands, but they can’t Handle. They have feets but they can’t is every oneThat trust their trusteth in them………………………….”I am with full of angry with that service man. I started thinking who is this man? Why he is talking like this? I will beat Him. In such this way I have been scolding him continuously…. After some time I heard a slow and lovely voice from Heaven… Three times I heard the same. It said….“You are A chosen vessel for me.I have set you to be of the gentiles thatYou should be for salvation us to the ends of the earth.” Thereafter i went home and all the night i started thinking of that voice i could not knew that who spoke to me in such a way wake up at early morning and i started awaiting in the Temple i was in a deep meditation and i tried even to get a clarification from my Gods but i don't even get any response till 3"O clock i have been calling all my Idol Gods no response from any one and not even one that i have worshiped all The years long then i came to a conclusion that i will call out the Real God and just Said"If there is any Real God then let Him Reveal to me and i will serve Him All my life” Then I started asking who Talked with me at night, at meeting. please visit me please talk with Me. then Jesus Christ visited me and appeared of unto me saying"I have set you to be a light of the Gentiles you are a Chosen vessel."I agreed Jesus Christ as my Savior . After some days he Calls me that as....... "come to my service i will Use you and fill you with all my anointing" Then I agreed his call. I left my Buildings, lands, Vehicles, Relatives, my parents, money. I came out as i am i have only Bible with me and years long i have been depended up on The The One Who Saved me and Called me out of the Bond ages and now God Blessed me and given his Mighty ministry with and 15Branches.and 20(members)Co pastors. God Enabled me to save many people and also many sick people received His Mighty Touch and Healed. So many Devils cast-out and many gentiles believed God Jesus. Its all because of His Grace It is Marvelous in living in the Hand of My God!Our ministry Depended only faith. There is no any other support.We depends only on Apostolic foundation which laid at the Beginning @ 1st Century. We left all and followed Jesus Christ.Please pray for me and my menistry. By the Grace/Will of God on march 9th in 2003 I could able to start the ministry at E-G-Dt at pulletikurru in midist of Heathen/Hindu Priests families. with so many difficulties .so many problems rosen its all most near to death they Tried send me out of that village. They arranged higher recommendations and brought rowdies with 2 vehicles and also thy even spent near about 70,000+ to send me away near about 300 people surrounded me and asked me to I replied“ My God said me to come here untill He ask me to go out I will not step out”They filled with terrible angry and about to come up on with (Sticks and swards) to (Beat me/Kill me).i have closed my eyes and started praying…“Father if I die hear/they kill here then let each drop of my blood be a mighty servent in this Village”I opened my eyes after few minutes no one is there. There*after no one rose against..By the grace of God Tilll today God has keep me in that Village. Today I started 15 branch churches and trained for 20Members as a Pastors, Now I request you kindly continue to pray for me and the family aswell as ministry also pray for the needs of our ministry now listingmy ministry needs below.VISION FOR MINISTRY:1.To bring 1 million souls to Christ2.To raise the prayer partners and supporters through out the world.3.To establish 10 Bible Colleges to equip the native people and send them to the unreached places to preach the good news of Jesus4.To reach unreached villages.5.To construct 500 permanent Church buildings.6.To provide the necessary Tools like bicycles, drums, P.A. and Lights to 1000 Pastors and Evangelists.7.To buy Vehicles to send the Film ministry teams to promote the Gospel to the unreached areas in India.8.To look after 200 Orphan Childrens9.To have our own campus for this Growing Ministry.10.To conduct Pastors and Leaders conferences to Strengthen the Church in India.11.To distribute 20000 Tracts and 10000 Bible Books.12.To conduct VBS (VOLUNTARY BIBLE CLASSES) to children and Young People in villages.13.To conduct villages Outreach Ministry covering surrounding villages. PRESENT NEEDS FOR THIS CHURCH: 1) 25 cent Own Land = USD 8,000.00,2) Important Church materials = USD 1,500.00,3)Motor Bikes =USD 1500 Needs 204)P.A& Sound Syetem & Lights.=USD 1000 Needs 205) Need For A Car = USD200006)Widows For Supporting = USD 30X25=800$ For MonthlyDear in Christ, if God blessed you with Wealth,Then please alsoremember for the ministry and the poor people in India.I requestyou to kindly support the ministry in India.please Don’t turn your facesout of the harvest in India.many are dieing with out the salvation many of the indian Heathen people did not heared the Gosple.Come forward its true place to see the 100% result to your geving and support.If you want to send support pleaseContact me to ,B.HOSANNA A/C NO, 21191000001440 HDFC BANKPlease send my loving greetings to your family and all the brothersand sisters with you in the ministry.Hope to hear from you soon…………………………….Yours brother in his vineyardPastor,B.Hosanna.Christ Glory Fire Ministries, Pulletikurru,Ambajipet(Mandal) ,East Godavari(Dt) Andhra Pradesh ,India -Pin,533239Phone no, +918856220455 ,Cell, +919849130296 , +919848782275 , +919908357754 ,,, My Skype, pastor.hosanna1, christglory3, E-mail, ,,

   Discussion: Praise the lord I am Pastor.Hosanna From India( Your Beloved And Holy Spirit Gifted Brother In Christ )Please Pray For My Ministry & Come To See My Ministry
claudio (anon) · 4 years, 3 months ago
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Restoration Family Friendly- For my mother to find lost relatives, was given at birth adpcion Prayer requests LIberation Graciela E: P: Monica EG Break covenants made with the enemy in his youth by ignorance of the word of God.-Zoom out of their lives untimely and bad people who are not a blessing to their vidas.- Order Unlocking .-- Inequidad-- Breaking generational curses over my life, my family life, the life of prayer and enemigos-- friends Prayer Request Release Breaking sorcery and witchcraft works made ​​against my life, work performed on the cairns (altars of consecration in the mountains) of the Andes, the Bolivian Altiplano, Los Valles Calchaquies, Cornice Road to Jujuy and Quebrada de San Lorenzo Request Prayer Deliverance, Breaking Generational Curses - Restoring Emotional and family over the life of the people --- Jimena siquietes Analia, Osvaldo F., BT Gladis, Elio C., Miguel H., Delia G., Miguel H. 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